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Marriage Prep

Marriage is a game changer. Are you ready?

If talk of high divorce rates (understandably) freaks you out a little, here's some good news. Couples who participate in high-quality, skills-based marriage prep can actually reduce their divorce risk by up to 30%

With convenient virtual coaching sessions, you can participate in marriage prep from the comfort of your home - in pajama pants or with your cat if you want. 

You’ll learn practical, proven relationship tools, complete targeted exercises, and have guided discussions with your partner.

You'll walk away with new insights and approaches to strengthen your relationship right away. Plus, couples report feeling more connected, aligned, and confident to boot! 

Marriage Prep. 
Made Fun!

I blend science-backed skills with humor and straight talk so you get a lot of information in a laid-back, comfortable setting. And I love to laugh, so we do plenty of that, too. 

I received The Knot's "Best of Weddings" award for premarital counseling four times and was inducted into the "Best of Weddings" Hall of Fame - all thanks to generous reviews from awesome couples.

For more on my background and training, click here.  

Choose from marriage prep in 8-hour (most popular) or condensed 4-hour packages. Both partners complete an online relationship inventory to help identify areas of strength and growth as a couple.

After reviewing the results, I tailor a strategy for our sessions that’s customized to your unique interests and growth areas so you get the most bang for your buck during our time together.

Scheduling: Some daytime, evening, and weekend options available. Most couples opt for 4, 2-hour sessions. 

Investment: non-refundable deposit of $50 is required to reserve your dates/times and order your couple inventory (the deposit is credited toward your final session fee). Payments are accepted via PayPal prior to each session.

  • 4-hour program: $140/hour (cost of couple inventory included).
  • 8-hour program: discounted rate of $125/hour (cost of couple inventory included).
  • Engaged Texas couples who complete 8 hours also receive a $60 marriage license discount (valid for one year)!

Common topics include:

  • assertiveness and non-defensive communication
  • effective conflict management strategies
  • identifying and managing stressors and expectations
  • intimacy and affection
  • views about money
  • how family and friends impact your marriage
  • personality styles
  • relationship dynamics, and more! 

Click here to schedule your marriage prep sessions!

Note: Marriage prep sessions are educational in nature, delivered as relationship enrichment, and are NOT intended to be therapy. If you consider yourselves in distress, or if you have concerns related to abuse, infidelity, addiction, or mental health, please contact me for a list of local counseling/therapy resources that may be helpful to you, or visit BetterHelp or The Gottman Referral Network.

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