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Returner Check-Ups

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As an exclusive offering for returning couples, I offer quick couple check-up sessions to help you keep your relationship on track and thriving!

These are great around your anniversary when you’re looking to reconnect and realign for the coming year, or to prepare for a transition like a big move, job change, or new baby.

Check-up sessions are intended to be standalone boosters (not ongoing sessions over an extended period of time) for couples looking to make small tweaks and shifts to keep things moving along smoothly (going from “good” to “great”).

 "Thank you so much for your time! We love meeting with you! We always feel like we walk away with new insight and appreciation for our relationship."

Scheduling: Some daytime, evening, and weekend options available. Time investments vary by your goals. 

  • Some couples need/want a single 1-2 hour session for coaching on a specific topic, or for a "state of the union" to take stock of things, refresh in some key areas, and set goals for the year ahead.
  • If you want to complete an in-depth couple assessment with personalized coaching across a variety of relationship dimensions/topics, we typically need at least 4-6 hours to cover the high points. 
  • Couples interested in transition to parenthood sessions should plan for at least 3-4 hours.

Investment: Returning couples receive a heavily discounted coaching rate of $100/hour! I do not require a deposit to hold your spot, unless you opt for a couple assessment. If so, $35 is due upfront to order your assessment from SYMBIS or Prepare-Enrich.  

"Thank you for offering these sessions! Very informative and we feel more equipped going into this new stage of life together." 

Click here to schedule a returner check-up!

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Note: Returner check-ups are educational in nature, delivered as relationship enrichment, and are NOT intended to be therapy. If you consider yourselves in distress, or if you have concerns related to abuse, infidelity, addiction, or mental health, please contact me for a list of local counseling/therapy resources that may be helpful to you, or visit BetterHelp or The Gottman Referral Network.
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