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Strong marriages don’t happen by accident, or for the lucky few. Partners with rock solid relationships share a commitment to working their tails off for it, even in hard, trying seasons. Picking a great partner is important, but what you two choose to do after that reveals far more!

It boils down to maintenance. Recognizing we can’t freeze a clean house in time any more than we can freeze our relationships on their best days. The work of keeping something beautiful is ongoing. It’s done in small moments of connection, effort, and intention every day.

Wondering where to start? That’s where relationship education comes in…



“Kara’s class was engaging, thought-provoking, and a great experience overall. Kara really wants to get to know you and help you succeed! My fiance and I are both so happy we took her class and have continued to use the materials we used and learned there.”

Tailored to Us

“Signing up for premarital counseling was one of the best decisions we have made before getting married. People often sign up for classes and workshops that positively impact their career, a hobby, etc. Why wouldn’t we take a course, completely tailored to us, that would so positively impact our relationship? We learned more about each other and have taken away several great tools and strategies for communicating and maintaining our relationship. We loved Kara’s style and would highly recommend her!

Lifetime Investment

“Definitely recommend. It’s a lifetime investment!” 

Mind Blown

“Kara taught us different communication techniques and ways to understand each other better. We came out of this experience feeling stronger and closer to one another and find ourselves using these techniques on a daily basis…Kara was wonderful – nonjudgemental and truly just a third party source to learn from and bounce ideas off of. We never felt like she was taking sides and guys, my fiancé actually enjoyed our time here. His mind was blown during several topics and is recommending this to others, even the non-believers! We both give her two-thumbs up and look forward to returning to her when we are expecting our first child! :)”


“Kara Shade’s workshop on Gottman’s 7 principles to making marriage work was educational, entertaining and eye opening…The workshop had many breakout sessions and activities and was much more engaging than sitting through a lecture…She provides her couples with the knowledge and confidence to apply the principles when you leave her class. Kara is a wonderful teacher, she makes everyone feel safe and comfortable and you can easily see she is passionate about what she does. We will definitely recommend Kara Shade’s course to family and friends!”


“[The workshop] renewed a feeling of teamwork and the idea/reality that we’re on each other’s side.”