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In the beginning, our partner quickly becomes the center of our universe. But, as time flies by, we feel lucky to stay in the same orbit. Life happens. We get busy and distracted.

With a PhD in Family Studies and more than a decade as a relationship educator and coach, I help couples prepare for big transitions, like marriage, moving in, new homes, and babies. We talk communication, expectations, conflict management, intimacy, commitment, finances - the whole shebang.

As a non-therapist, I focus on prevention and education - helping couples move from good to great. Most of my work is with engaged couples preparing for marriage, but I love working with returners to maintain (and enhance!) their relationships as they move through married life together, too. I've also been fortunate to speak on healthy relationships and conflict dynamics everywhere from university classrooms to church conferences, podcasts to MOPS groups.

Check out my blog, curated resources, and coaching offerings, and join our little community for good on social media @groundedingood. We also have an Etsy shop full of soy candles and gifts, inspired by relationships!

Explore a bit. I hope you'll find tips, tools, and encouragement here for the relationships that matter most to you.

Happy Couples

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