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Coaching for Moms

Sometimes we get lost in the chaos and messes of motherhood - literally and figuratively.

The "me time" everyone talks about is as elusive as Bigfoot. It feels like we experience a full range of emotions - joy, frustration, pride, guilt, exhaustion, empathy - every five minutes, all day long. 

But in the background, are the wheels turning as you sit in the carpool line, prep meals, or fold the fourth load of laundry? Whether you're a SAHM, full-time working mom, part-time WFH mom, or anything in between, the answer is probably yes.

Maybe you feel isolated in motherhood and miss life before kids - friends, hobbies, work, travel, freedom . . . cleanliness . . . quiet. Maybe your sense of identity is in flux or mom guilt and the mental load are doing you in. Has your calendar been hijacked by the same tiny people who raid your pantry? Do you feel over or understimulated by parenthood - sometimes both at the same time?

If glimmering beneath all that you have big ambitions for your family, or a book or business idea you just can't shake - let's talk. As a fellow mom and experienced coach, I get the very real constraints on your time, your money, and your energy. I get that there's so much that needs to be done, your own needs often fall to the backburner. But, I also know how powerful the drive to create and to dream can be in spite of it all. 

Sometimes we sacrifice our needs, passions, and yes, even hygiene, on the altar of motherhood and wonder why some days we feel resentment, sadness, or a sense of disconnection. 

The truth is, our kids and partners want (and deserve) the best version of us. 

So, what lights you up? 

We thrive at home when we spread our light - not extinguish it.

That's where our work together begins...

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Note: Individual coaching sessions are educational in nature and are NOT intended to be therapy. If you consider yourself in distress, or if you have concerns related to abuse, infidelity, addiction, or mental health, please contact me for a list of local counseling/therapy resources that may be helpful to you, or visit BetterHelp or The Gottman Referral Network.

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