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As an entrepreneur the past 8.5 years, I understand small business owners literally do it all! While we wear as many hats as humanly possible, we know there's strategic value to outsourcing sometimes.

Photography is a blend of art and science, and it can quickly become frustrating, expensive, and time-consuming to handle in-house. Over the years, I've invested in photography classes and slowly built up my studio to include 30+ professional backdrops, consistent artifical lighting, and oodles of props to help level up my own business.

Through that process, I fell in love behind the camera again. While I've been the de facto picture taker for family and friends documenting our special occasions for the better part of 15-20 years, product photography is a whole other animal.

In studying the craft, learning more about styling and composition, and better understanding lighting and camera settings, I dramatically improved my own shop photos. I felt more confident in my brand and my ability to present my products professionally, allowing me to be more competitive in my market segment. 

Now, I love helping other small business owners showcase their handmade creations. My goal is to to deliver beautiful images of your products and give you back time to focus on the aspects of your business you love most!

"The pictures Kara has taken of my work have added a level of detail, clarity, and professionalism to each item and greatly improved my sales."
-Rick, Owner + Woodworker, Out of the Woods Scrolling

“What a huge difference these photos made for my plushy animals. It’s hard to get photos that really highlight the details, but Kara made them pop!”
-Krista, Owner + Fiber Artist, KW Fiber Arts


Etsy's customer research finds product photos are the biggest factor in buying decisions - even more than reviews and price! Help potential customers see your product in its best light, and in context/use. It's a challenge to buy online without seeing/touching an item. Great photos highlight all the little details, let potential customers imagine owning your product, and help them purchase with more confidence.


You may be overwhelmed staging photos, chasing good natural light, and messing with camera phone settings. It's another big task on your very long to-do list. But, for all the work you put into creating, do your product photos accurately reflect that care and craftsmanship? How do your current photos compare to your competition? Professional photos can help boost the credibility of your brand, and save you precious time.


Banner images and web photos can be changed seasonally, or to reflect new products and sales to keep your homepage or social feeds fresh. Crisp photos can also make your brochures and marketing materials stand out from the pack!

beer, willow tree angel, dessert


My small business photography packages can be customized to your unique needs. Once we discuss the scope of work you have in mind, I will provide a free quote for you to review.

Here's a sampling of my offerings:  

  • Listing packages typically include at least 5 images per product for use on a selling site (e.g., item alone at a variety of angles, item staged or in use, item with any special packaging or inserts, etc.)
  • Monthly or seasonal content refresh - want your social feed, newsletter, or website to have updated photos on a regular basis, or to align with holidays or special sales or collaborations? This option gives you a steady stream of new content!
  • One-off images: for the times you need a wider hero image or banner, a certain grouping of items, a special shot for a magazine feature, or a unique product layout so you can add text for ads. 

mushrooms, pen and journal, cross trio


I specialize in surface-based, small product photography - meaning I create combinations with the 30+ backdrops I have to shoot your creations in my home studio. Most of my backdrops are 2' x 2', so I shoot smaller items that fit well in that space while still allowing room for props/styling (think drinks/food/desserts, jewelry and accessories, coasters, ornaments, candles, bath and body products, makeup, small figurines, greeting cards or wedding invitations, books, mugs, etc.).    

Interested in an on-site shoot in DFW? Reach out so we can chat.

Outside DFW? If you can ship it, I can (probably!) shoot it.

Ready to make your products pop?

Email me at or fill out the contact form here

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