Give Back

Purchase with a Purpose

Grounded in Good will give a portion of its net proceeds back to a charity that supports families each year. In 2020, the donation will be made to an organization very dear to my heart, Children International.

I became a sponsor to a sweet 2-year-old girl, Charlyn, back in 2010. This summer she turned thirteen! It has been a really amazing experience to exchange letters and photos with her over the years and build a relationship. She writes to me about school, holiday traditions, chores, and hobbies. She shared in my journey as I got married, had two kids, and completed a PhD. She’s been the coolest pen pal. She has honestly become like extended family to us, and she dotes on our kids like a loving cousin, even from the other side of the world.

It’s been so rewarding to know our monthly contribution can help her (and her family) get critical resources and support. Children International tailors their programming based on the needs and biggest barriers/challenges in each region to help provide children with a pathway out of poverty. Their offerings range from life skills and job training to medical care, educational and nutritional programs, safe community centers, and so much more.

In January, I felt called to do more. I spent hours in tears at the computer reading about the dangerous, unsanitary living conditions, broken families, and high-risk situations most of these kids were in, and I felt gutted. I looked around our nice, safe home. I looked at my beautiful, healthy kids, and I called my husband into the office. I told him I wanted to give more, and I decided we should sponsor all of the kids! Ok, just 15? We looked at our budget and finally agreed to sponsor four more children (for now!).

I’m grateful my kids will grow up with friends around the world (Philippines, Dominican Republic, India and Colombia so far). The kids in the CI program have such amazing attitudes and resilient spirits, and they are truly appreciative of the support. They know someone they will probably never meet is holding space in their heart for them, cheering them on, investing in them. That kind of encouragement is life-giving.

I hope you’ll check out Children International and the great work they are doing. Even if sponsorship isn’t possible or of interest to you personally, know when you purchase a product or program here to help strengthen your own family/relationship, there will be small ripple effects felt around the world. Giving back is one of my favorite ways to stay grounded in good.

I’m excited to see what we can do together for Children International this year!